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Created by a partnership of teachers, school administrators
and WFEE, PowerED UP! became the solution to our technology challenges and the key to our future. With your

help, it funded infrastructure improvements, software and hardware plus professional development at all Winchester schools.  PowerED UP! is giving Winchester students and our schools a competitive advantage, ensuring

that we remain among the best in the nation.


  • DONE: Providing all schools quick, reliable wireless access to the internet in all classrooms

  • DONE: Fund management software that will allow WHS and McCall students to bring and use their own smart phones, tablets, laptops and iPads in the classroom

  • Done: Increasing the number of iPads and Chromebooks in classrooms

  • ON GOING: Maximize training and support for all teacher

  • ON GOING: Expand the "bring your own device" environment at McCall, WHS and the elementary schools



WFEE and the Winchester Public Schools believe we have transformed classrooms through  technology ..

781.756.8020        P.O. Box 1005 Winchester, MA  01890

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