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powerED UP! has already:

“powerED UP! has allowed us to create authentic learning in our classrooms; a place our students do not prepare for the ":real world," but experience it. We are very thankful to WFEE and the community of Winchester for literally changing  how we learn and grow."     

         — Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jen Elineema

  • Created uniform access to a robust, wireless infrastructure

  • Purchased more than a thousand student devices such as iPads and Chromebooks

  • Successfully launched a plan to allow students to safely bring their own electronic devices to school, harnessing technology to learn, not play

  • Partnered with the Rotary Club of Winchester, funding a WHS Creative Technology Center for student collaboration designed to solve real world projects

  • Begun creating "maker spaces" at Winchester's elementary schools to encourage students to expand the boundries of their education

  • Launched a new Student Innovation grant

With the help of ALL Winchester families, technology is connecting us, giving us essential tools to communicate, learn and grow.

781.756.8020        P.O. Box 1005 Winchester, MA  01890

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