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The foundation has been laid for technology used seamlessly in all classrooms. Success means:

“WFEE's powerED UP! initiative has built an incredible foundation for improved teaching and learning in Winchester. Technology has become an everyday, on-demand tool for individual learning."     

         — Dr. Judy Evans, Winchester School Superintendent


  • Winchester's students will understand how to use technology as a catalyst and tool


  • Improved critical thinking, collaboration, and problem solving for all children


  • The opportunity for all teachers to more easily differentiate lessons, better supporting diverse learning styles


  • A guarentee that our students won't fall behind children in school districts that have embraced the future 

With the help of ALL Winchester families, technology will connect us, giving us essential tools to communicate, learn and grow.

781.756.8020        P.O. Box 1005 Winchester, MA  01890

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