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What was the powerED UP! campaign?

A three year, public/private partnership designed to transform teaching and learning through the effective use of technology in all Winchester classrooms

What do you mean by “public/private” partnership?

Through the public budget, the Winchester school system contributed $500,000 to the plan. WFEE, a private non-profit, 501(c) 3 organization, raised $850,000 to fund the plan

How much private money has been raised?

In July of 2017 WFEE met its $850,000 fundraising goal. $800,000 has been donated to WPS, leaving money in reserve for the 2017 school year and beyond.


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WFEE and the Winchester Public Schools believe we are changing teaching and learning through technology 

781.756.8020        P.O. Box 1005 Winchester, MA  01890

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