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BYOD=bring your own device=sustainability

Many Winchester students own their computers and would like to use them in the classroom.


Thanks to powerED UP! Winchester has:

  • A wireless network infrastructure to support BYOD

  • Management software to ensure our students safely navigate cyberspace. 


McCall Middle School successfully transitioned to a BYOD environment.


That means:

  • powerED UP! will fund devices for students who can't buy their own

  • The expansion of BYOD at McCall means more money can be spent purchase technology at the elementary level


In 2017 WHS will begin moving toward a BYOD environment, allowing students more flexibility and easing demands on the public budget, ensuring powerED UP! is a sustainable initiative. 


WPS is considering expanding BYOD to 5th grades across the district pending the outcome of an ongoing pilot. 



“Technology in the classroom can be the deciding factor

of whether a child will have access to the curriculum or

if they will not. The benefits to a child with disabilities

are endless!”


         — Winchester Teacher

With the help of ALL Winchester families, technology will connect us, giving us essential tools to communicate, learn and grow.

781.756.8020        P.O. Box 1005 Winchester, MA  01890

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